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This is 1 of 31 videos we created for Anthony on this particular job. There was a long casting process in order to get the right actors per each product. Filming this many videos and products required a lot of preparation during the Pre- Production process which all led up to an exceedingly long day of shooting. Due to the organization and teamwork the shoot went off without a hitch and the client was thrilled and has come back to us for repeat work.


When working with a company the size of KitchenAid, even the smallest details matter. The product, the location, the colors and even the background accessories must align with their branding guidelines. Our attention to detail, and always having their visual messaging in mind is the reason we have created so many videos for them.


In this video, we utilized stop-motion to showcase fun stackable containers. Copco was very satisfied with the end product and we have collaborated with them on numerous videos.


Visuals can often tell a story better than words. And that's exactly what Kamenstein wanted - a fun and simple video to showcase their product and what it does without having someone explaining it too much, outside of what we see on screen. Kamenstein - a returning client - was pleased yet again with how their video turned out.

Whimsical Sweets

This was an extremely fun shoot. We did multiple videos for them, but one of them was to showcase their cookie kits where you can decorate your cookies like professionals! We hired a mother and daughter actress to show how easy it is for anyone to decorate cookies and how much fun it can be with many different kits for different occasions.

Handle Plus

Handle Plus a great, innovative new way to secure your tablet when you’re on the go. Not only that, but it doubles as a sturdy, easy-to-use stand to keep your tablet in a fixed position. Hassle-free and easy to carry, Handle Plus makes working and watching your favorite movies and TV shows easy, no matter where you are. This video displays just how convenient, innovative and easy-to-use this product is.

KD Panels

We ended up doing a few different videos for this client, but this particular one was created to showcase how easy it is for a customer to brighten up something old with new paneling to create a personalized space.

Pay the Price Game

We had personally worked with Joe Santagato in the past and were super thrilled he came back to us with a hilarious Kickstarter card came. Their original goal/ pledge was $10,000 and when this video launched they blew past that goal 10x and raised $120,000. It was a phenomenal experience to be a part of, and watch this product grow.

Book A Broker

Our client wanted to showcase the freedom in lifestyle that real estate provides brokers at his firm. He uses this video as a reciting tool for new hires and it has helped him acquire top performers who are not only motivated, but fun to work with.

Ready Grip Technologies

Ready Grip Technologies is a revolutionary golf product that was picked up by 350 media outlets after the launch of the video we created for them. Our video was a focal point of their media kit and helped the various media outlets understand the unique product and its capabilities. The edgy tone was something that the founder knew he wanted from the beginning, and he is ecstatic that we were able to make his vision come to life.

Genius Pack

Alfred Chehebar, the creator of Genius Pack had come to us with a very unique type of suitcase and wanted to create a kickstarter video that showcased all the features, benefits and engineering that went into the creation of his invention. We were able to successfully write the script, hire 2 actors, and film in multiple locations. Having been the inventor we decided it was best to have Alfred in the video in order to create a bond between the inventor and audience funding him. Genius Pack blew past the original goal of 50k with pledges equaling over $460,000.

500 Brushes

Humor, especially when it pushes boundaries, can really set a video apart if it's true to the company's brand: this video in particular is a glowing example of just that. Not only was this attention-grabbing and fun, but it was fun to make. Meanwhile, we stuck to a storyline while using comedy to push the storyline forward and show what makes their product - a toilet brush with cleaner built into the head - unique and beneficial. The storyline included a male protagonist who endured a difficult situation and used the product to come out on top. This is one of a 5 series pack we shot for the client on a 1 day shoot which was possible due to our detailed Pre-Production process.

Body Reapers

Body Reapers approached us to create multiple videos for their high end fitness products. We worked with them throughout the casting and location process to finalize the actors and set for the day of Production. In the end we organized the shoot in order to film numerous products and videos in one day to keep costs economical.


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