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T-Mobile wanted to target the younger market with this videos wild concept of random people getting emoji tattoos. We couldn't believe our eyes as we filmed strangers volunteering to get these tattoos.

Kitchen Aid

We have made numerous videos for KitchenAid, and when working with a company of their size even the smallest details matter. The food styling, the location, the colors and even the background accessories must align with their branding guidelines. In many of these videos, we've utilized small tricks to make the food look even more enticing. One of those tricks was microwaving wet cotton balls to make fake steam.


Kamenstein keeps coming back to us to create their videos because of our streamlined process. They can count on the fact that the video we create will represent their brand and specific product in a short form visual way that has a lasting impact on their customer base.

Pay the Price Game

We had personally worked with Joe Santagato in the past and were super thrilled he came back to us with a hilarious Kickstarter card came. Their original goal/ pledge was $10,000 and when this video launched they blew past that goal 10x and raised $120,000. It was a phenomenal experience to be a part of, and watch this product grow.


This project was completed in less than a month from the final concept to the final cut. The services rendered included concept creation, scriptwriting, casting actors, shooting, and final VFX rendering. The piece received 167,762 views to date. Horze is a multinational brand that operates in 43 countries and is a leader in the manufacturing horse apparel.

Crazy Cap

Crazy Cap enjoyed working with us on our first project so much that they decided to come back to us and we've created over 30 different videos for their business. This time, not unlike their previous projects, we hired actors and filmed in many different locations - all coming together within this social type of cut that can push their product.

Victory Church

Victory Church wanted a hard hitting, emotion driven, attention grabbing, non stereotypical video that would stay with the viewer. Since the release of this commercial, as well as four other videos we created for them, they have increased membership rates at their parish. Victory Church has ministries in seven countries around the world.


This video was the first of many we have made in our collaboration with Copco. Their goal was to showcase the versatility of their 3-Tier Organizer and we did this by showcasing the product in various staged environments with numerous props. The video has done very well for them on Amazon.


Following its successful pitch on the wildly popular TV show, Shark Tank, Bombas was launched in 2013 and is universally recognized today as the world’s most comfortable sock. Not only are these re-engineered socks comfy, but for every pair sold, another pair is donated to charity. The idea behind the company’s philanthropic mission came when Bombas co- founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg were working together at a lifestyle website and noticed a Facebook post about homeless shelters struggling to find socks. For this social media video, Bombas featured NBA star and recent top draft pick, Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba as its principal actor.

500 Brushes

Humor, especially when it pushes boundaries, can really set a video apart if it's true to the company's brand: this video in particular is a glowing example of just that. Not only was this attention-grabbing and fun, but it was fun to make. Meanwhile, we stuck to a storyline while using comedy to push the storyline forward and show what makes their product - a toilet brush with cleaner built into the head - unique and beneficial. The storyline included a male protagonist who endured a difficult situation and used the product to come out on top. This is one of a 5 series pack we shot for the client on a 1 day shoot which was possible due to our detailed Pre-Production process.


When a company has been around for 100 years they protect the image of their brand. We worked closely with Sabatier on the small details and went through numerous kitchen set examples until we got the perfect fit. All background accessories showcased within the video needed to be made by the Sabatier brand. They continue to come back to us for repeat work.

Max Kessler

Max came to us and had already been a well-known Tik-Tok star for his resemblance to and interactions with Adam Sandler. Normally his videos would be taken with his phone, but he wanted to create something special and we helped him bring his vision to life. With 10 different outfits we worked out a procedure where we’d have him walk very specifically in order to edit a seamless infinite walk in Post-Production. We also utilized a standing human turntable that would allow us to do a 360 view of him in each of the outfits to create a big splash social media post for Tik-Tok.

The Board

The Board hired us to create a series of social media videos they could post to generate buzz around their site which networks speaking to other people about financial endeavors. We advised on casting numerous people with different backgrounds and prepped them all to tell their stories. This is one of 6 videos we created for The Board including an explainer video.


This is 1 of 31 videos we created for Anthony on this particular job. There was a long casting process in order to get the right actors per each product. Filming this many videos and products required a lot of preparation during the Pre- Production process which all led up to an exceedingly long day of shooting. Due to the organization and teamwork the shoot went off with out a hitch and the client was thrilled and has come back to us for repeat work.

Fit for Life

This entire video is comprised by close up macro shots of the Fit For Life rings. Our team spent countless hours finding and testing the best lens flair options to achieve the desired visual effect on the viewer. This visual style lends itself to showcasing the beauty of the product while distinguishing the brand. TNC went so far as to hire a pianist to record the rendition of the song.

Personal Trainer

This is one of the many short videos we made for T.J. with the intention of distributing numerous videos throughout the various social media channels. T.J. uses social media to acquire most of his customers and creating short videos is a successful strategy to increase conversion rates.

Ready Grip Technologies

Ready Grip Technologies is a revolutionary golf product that was picked up by 350 media outlets after the launch of the video we created for them. Our video was a focal point of their media kit and helped the various media outlets understand the unique product and its capabilities. The edgy tone was something that the founder knew he wanted from the beginning, and he is ecstatic that we were able to make his vision come to life.

Body Reapers

Body Reapers approached us to create multiple videos for their high end fitness products. We worked with them throughout the casting and location process to finalize the actors and set for the day of Production. In the end we organized the shoot in order to film numerous products and videos in one day to keep costs economical.


Logan and Trevor, the founders of Küdzoo are on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Being that Küdzoo targets students the founders wanted a fun and friendly personality driven piece. We executed this by keeping the atmosphere on set light and lively while still providing the viewer with information about upgrades to the app.

Royal Blue Apparel

With a clothing line, style is very important. We created a bulk series of videos (shot in one day) that had the visual and tonal feel that Royal Blue wanted. Packaging many videos is a way for our clients to get the most amount of content in a short period of time.

William Woys Weaver

Like Scott Farm, our client also wanted us to make a small documentary on William Woys Weaver, an internationally known food ethnographer who knows a lot about heritage seeds. All of this incorporates to the future of food and how certain seeds can be grown/harvested/preserved for future generations.


Our client wanted a very strait forward social video that would showcase his product in use. We casted the V.O. artist as well as the actors, found the location and executed a quick turnaround for our client.

Camp Transformation Center

Camp Transformation Center ran a promotion for a free six-week plan to help people transform their bodies. This promotion included a meal plan, supplement guide, grocery list and unlimited work-out time with a personal trainer. This video really showcases our motion graphics capabilities each time the principal actor flips the card she’s holding.

Great Neck Alert Fire Co.

This was a high energy, extremely fun recruitment and brand piece that hypes people up to join the Great Neck Alert Fire Company. Our crew went through rigorous testing in hotboxes where we played with fire and ended up creating this exciting piece/hype video.

NY State Solar

NY State Solar came to us and wanted to create a video that showcased the daily struggle of working from home. At the same time they wanted to visually represent all the household products that are used everyday which require electricity.


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