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High-Quality Brand Videos

Most video content you make with the intent to be posted, shared, or go viral is considered a brand video. Like films, they’re created to tell a story, whether it be about your company’s origin, how you came up with your product idea, or other narratives surrounding your brand. Whether you share them on social media platforms or landing pages, these videos provide your audience with a clear call to action: come see what we have to offer.

At Top Notch Cinema, we can help you create an identity and stand out amongst the crowd. Video marketing is here to stay—it’s no longer an option but a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy that can boost your brand image, engage customers, and attract new traffic.

What Successful Branding Can Do For Your Business

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When consumers watch videos about a brand’s story, they’re able to take in much more information in a much smaller amount of time. This means an engaging and entertaining clip will often lead to more conversions than other forms of marketing content. You’ll open the door to bring in more of your target audience’s senses, stirring their emotions and generating a sense of connection.

Professionally produced brand videos can:
  • Give visual life to your brand

  • Build trust with potential customers

  • Prove the value your company offers

  • Develop yourself as an authority in the industry

  • Get the SEO benefits of having video on YouTube, social networks, and your website

Types of Brand Videos


Whether you have a representative from your company introducing a new product or discussing industry news in a fun, engaging way, vlogs (video blogs) are fast becoming the preferred way for consumers to get new information!

Interviews or Testimonials

A live video interview with owners of your business, clients, or members of your team can lead to some of the most engaging and authentic brand videos you’ll find on the web.

Origin Stories

Everyone loves a good origin story. These videos are a great way to let people know how you came up with your business concept or product, while also showing how you fill a specific need within your respective industry.


Company Culture

Consumers love to get a peek “behind the curtain” at both local and international businesses. Let them meet the team and learn more about the culture that your brand has cultivated.


Case Studies

Think back on your company’s major success stories and do a deep dive into a situation where your product or service solved a problem spectacularly. Creating a video to showcase a success can get your brand noticed far and wide.


Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a type of promotional video with an emphasis on the product or service as opposed to the company itself. These videos explain the features and benefits of your product and can be live-action or animated.

Brand Video FAQs

Can I make my own brand video?

It’s certainly possible to try making a brand video on your own. But many DIYers quickly realize that making a truly effective brand video takes a lot of effort, planning, specialized equipment, and technical expertise. At Top Notch Cinema, our entire team is made of specialists who work together to create something that is exceptional at every level. There are no weak links in our team, so you know you’re getting a product that’s been carefully crafted and considered at every step.

Why is video important to my brand?
Video communicates a story, and humans are driven by stories. Customers want to connect on an emotional level with the companies they patronize. They want to know that the business they’re supporting shares their values, cares about the things they care about, and is made of real human beings with real stories. At TNC, our script writers and producers can help craft your story into one that is compelling, moving, and authentic. In turn, these videos will help support your marketing campaigns by generating brand loyalty and brand awareness.
How do I make the best video marketing plan?
At Top Notch Cinema, we know all the strategies of successful video marketing, from story-focus to time management to what makes for compelling viewing. We can also help our clients make the most of the videos we make for them with optional marketing consultations.

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