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Training Videos

Many business owners spend untold thousands of dollars on building a facility but ignore the importance of training when the doors open. A business that trains employees and customers on the most valuable features of its products and services is guaranteed to be more successful than one that doesn’t. But finding the time and bandwidth to create training videos can be tough when you’re focusing on operations. That’s where Top Notch Cinema comes in.

Our unique training video production system allows you to teach viewers valuable skills or give them the tools they need to succeed with your product or service. We will shoot, produce, and edit your videos, using our expertise to create video content that is visually engaging, informative, and memorable.

What Training Videos Can Do For Your Business

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Effective training videos can help ensure customers and employees are up to speed with a tailored learning experience that cuts out inefficiencies and vagueness. Providing your viewers with high-quality training material will help take the element of human error out of the equation. Generate valuable customer interactions, teach your employees how to provide top-quality customer support, and position yourself as an industry-leading resource with help from Top Notch Cinema.

Professionally produced training video shows can:
  • Break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps
  • Instill company culture and encourage employee buy-in
  • Encourage customers to engage with and share content
  • Inspire brand loyalty with valuable learning experiences

Types of Training Videos

Instructor-Led & Live Action Videos

Use an authority figure to deliver compelling, informative content on specific topics of importance to your viewers. We can cast, script, and edit these videos to ensure lively delivery, visual interest, and relevance of information.

Employee Training Videos

Whether you need a customer service training video or a company culture onboarding video, we can help you develop a well-trained, productive, and engaged staff. Your staff can make or break you—make sure they’re all on the same page with a high-quality corporate training video.

Customer Training Videos

With a well-placed YouTube video or email marketing video, you can help ensure your customers fully understand how to engage with your product, continue engaging with your brand, and understand your value so they can share it with their friends.


FAQ-Style Videos

Distill common questions and important highlights from employee handbooks and other training manuals into an easy-to-digest, video-based format. These will save employees time while also giving them an engaging way to get answers accurately.


Simulation Videos

Often used as part of scenario-based training modules, these videos use simulated situations to prepare viewers for real-life solutions. These videos showcase how people should respond to challenges, apply knowledge, or brainstorm solutions.


How-To Videos

Break down processes step-by-step with a how-to video, perfect for online training and customer support videos. Viewers can follow along, pausing when needed to take notes, try a process for themselves, or rewind to see something again.


Health & Safety Training Videos

Employee health and safety is not something you want to leave in amateur hands. Ensure that your employees are aware of possible risks, understand compliance and regulations, and are comfortable with workplace safety best practices with help from TNC.

Training Video FAQs

Will my proprietary business information be secure?

Absolutely. With Top Notch Cinema, your company secrets will be kept secret. If you are creating an internal staff training video, it will NEVER be made public, and all video files will be held securely. We take security seriously—after all, your success is our success. 

Will my staff or I be the ones speaking on camera?
If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, that’s great! You are more than welcome to be the star of the show. Sometimes, our clients offer to have a competent manager featured in the video. However, if you need talent, we can certainly accommodate. We will cast the video for you, bringing in trained actors who will deliver your message clearly and professionally.
How do I ensure people watch my series of training videos?
Engagement is key! Even the most dedicated employee or customer isn’t likely to retain the information you’re providing them if the video is bland, boring, and lifeless. Our team understands what makes for a compelling video that is easy to understand and remember. We can produce a video or series of videos that connect on an emotional level, are just the right length, and provide all the necessary detail with none of the fluff. 

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