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Explainer Videos & Promotional Videos

Promotional videos (or promo videos) help tell the story of your business by highlighting services, products, events, and news. Explainer videos are short, detailed explorations of how those products and services solve problems for your customers. Both are powerful tools for planting a seed in viewers’ heads and getting them thinking about your business. 

Working with the premier New York video production company here at Top Notch Cinema is the most effective way to create video content that will engage your audience, establish your name, and boost conversion rates.

What Video Production Can Do For Your Business

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A product promo video presents your offerings with a soft pitch—something that gets your potential customers thinking about your brand before they’re ready to buy. By planting this seed of interest in viewers’ minds, you can increase your call-to-action conversion rates by up to 800% on landing pages and boost your click-through rates on marketing emails by anywhere from 200–300%.

Professionally produced promo and explainer videos can:
  • Introduce your company and its culture
  • Develop brand authority and trust
  • Educate customers on your products and services
  • Improve your SEO rankings

Types of Explainer Videos & Promo Videos

Product Feature Videos

Product launches and product demo videos are some of the most crucial types of promo videos for businesses. These are designed to build awareness of your products in an educational and entertaining way. When viewers can see your product in action, they’re more likely to engage.

Profile Videos

If you want to create a video promo about who you are as a company here and now, a profile is a great option. These video clips define what your company does and what you stand for. They’re an opportunity to point out the value you bring to each and every customer you serve.

Event Promo Video

Drive interest in an upcoming event or feature a montage of footage taken during an event you hosted or played a part in planning. These videos can set you up as a thought leader and major player in your industry, keeping you current and attractive to your target audience!

Whiteboard Animation

Animated explainer videos can help take a complex product, service, or problem and make it easy to understand. We can produce high-quality animated videos of any type when live-action just won’t do the trick for your unique brand!

How-To Videos

These instructional, step-by-step clips teach your customers how to use your products. They’re typically shared in the final steps of the buying process, and should present your product in the most user-friendly way possible. Establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource using how-to videos!

Video Ads

Many promo videos can be used as ads for your marketing campaigns. They can make a big difference on social media platforms as well as your website, landing pages, and other companies’ pages as well, boosting conversion rates and brand awareness.

Promo & Explainer FAQs

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are some of the most fun and consumer-centric styles among your promotional possibilities. They are meant to be imaginative, entertaining, and educational. They explain the key features of a product or service and the benefits of using it. They are typically brief, with an average length between 30–90 seconds and often less than 200 spoken or written words.


And no matter the product or service, a reliable video production company will know exactly how to highlight the most interesting things about it.

Why is a promotional video important?
Having a promotional video for your products or services is crucial to creating long-term business success. They’re designed to make the viewer feel a connection to your brand—for this reason, they have the possibility to guide more customers farther down the funnel of the buying process. Few marketing tactics are as powerful as creating promo video content, because it has the potential to get your business free exposure.
Are videos effective marketing tools?
100%—any modern business needs video as part of its marketing arsenal. Every year, more and more video marketers are seeing increased lead generation, boosted sales, and improved user engagement as a result of their efforts. Plus, your competition is already doing it—86% of companies use video marketing, and 89% of those see a positive ROI quickly. Ask us about our marketing consultations—we can help you make the most of the video content you receive from us!

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