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This is a fun viral piece that received 12.3 Million views, 5 Million from YouTube and 7.3 Million from Facebook. Because of the success of this video T-Mobile green lit a second season which we also shot and edited. T-Mobile was very specific in wanting their branding subtle within the video and this was executed by the backdrop lighting and small insert shots that included their logo.


We’ll let the client do the talking for us with this video: “The team at Top notch Cinema truly did a fantastic job with the production of our latest Audi Television commercial. From concept development to casting, to video production and final editing, Greg and his entire team were courteous, prompt and very capable! They made the entire process seamless and were always respectful of our dealerships daily routine. The final product was indeed “Top Notch! ...BRAVO!”


As part of Elite Daily's Strayer series we did with Dollar Shave Club, we showcased a talking-head style video that covers the startup and history of Venmo. The video highlights the founders of the company and details the work life of the company's employees. We managed to creatively tell Venmo's story in less than three minutes!


Maytronics came to us with the goal of wanting to break free of the type of videos they had been making and wanted something more creative with G rated family humor. We rose to the challenge of writing the scripts (15-30-90 second versions), casting actors, locations, and finalizing 3 unique videos within a short production timeline. The higher-ups in the company were very pleased with the final result.

Unique Fitness

In this TV spot for Unique Fitness, we follow a flirtatious development between a guy and girl who meet at a gym and, by the end of the video, become husband and wife. This client hired us to create a few different videos, but this is the one they wanted to run on TV, which featured a former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold as the eventual husband. We had a great time working with him!

Dollar Shave Club

Interview style company profile video with the founder and key staff members of Dollar Shave Club. The goal of this video was to showcase new product lines and introduce the faces behind this billion dollar brand. We created this video shortly before DSC was acquired by Unilever for $1 Billion.


Vanguard approached us with a specific style in mind. Adam, Vanguard's founder, didn't want a typical corporate video and leaned more towards an edgier look. This video not only demonstrates the benefits of using the product but also showcases the results through client testimonials.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York

The Four Seasons wanted to showcase that even though they are a big brand, their team is dedicated to being hands-on in creating an amazing and personal hospitality experience. This video showcases the local products that are served at the Four Seasons Hotel New York.

Manasquan Bank

Filming in a multitude of local businesses was required in this ad for Manasquan Bank's easy-to-use online app. The video shows how easy and convenient it is for people to use and how useful it is in day-to-day life. We went through rounds of casting, location scouting and coordinating shooting times with several local businesses for what was ultimately a fun day of filming! We are currently in Pre Production on their next commercial.


Originally Fungal Snacks, this startup company rebranded to Popadelics during our Pre-Production process. They came to use with a new, interesting healthy snack that used mushrooms in a unique way to create a snack that tastes great... and is great for you. While showcasing the product, we also featured the company's two founders and cast actors for the action shots. Here, we utilized VFX shots where one snack flies into the mouth of the snack-er.

Callen’s Digital Marketing

The team behind Mr. Franchise loved working with us so much that they hired us again. This time, they needed a new, creative idea to utilize a spokesperson and B-roll footage to create a high impact video for their brand.


The goal with this promo video was to show the customer experience, while simultaneously explaining their disruptive business model. We scripted prior to filming and shot at three separate locations. To give the viewer a true customer experience, we hired an actor to do a walk-through of the store as if they were an actual customer. The point-of-view shots, swish pans and fast cutting style made the viewer feel like they were actually there.

Scott Farm

We filmed and produced a multitude of videos for this client of ours. This so happens to be an offshoot of her project, but we traveled from NY to VT to shoot this video and incorporated drone shots to showcase the whole facility. Our client is all about the future of food and we were able to capture this specific farm's innovation for the future.


With a very tight deadline looming, our team conceptualized, scripted and filmed Beulr's landing video for their website's main page - all within five days so that it could be posted on the same night Beulr was to appear on "Shark Tank".


Plated was featured on the popular series Shark Tank. Later it was acquired for $200,000,000. We had the pleasure of creating a promotional video for Plated shortly before the acquisition. This became the third business we produced a video for that had a major acquisition.

Plastic Surgery

Neil Tanna is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been featured on such media outlets as The New York Times, Good Morning America, Daily News, Reuters, and ABC News. Even though Neil has all of these accolades, he still wanted his perspective clients to have a sense of who he is and feel comfortable before they walk into his office.

Whimsical Sweets

This was an extremely fun shoot. We did multiple videos for them, but one of them was to showcase their cookie kits where you can decorate your cookies like professionals! We hired a mother and daughter actress to show how easy it is for anyone to decorate cookies and how much fun it can be with many different kits for different occasions.

Skin Shield 2

Shot during the height of the covid pandemic, this video not only required us to write the scripts and hire a specific spokesperson as well as actors, but it also included Visual Animation to showcase what happens to the skin on a molecular level when their product is applied.


Lodel, a unique online food delivery service, connects foodies with their favorite restaurants located in their area. This video in particular was a 30-second TV spot, but we’ve also created a one-minute video as well as two 15-second spots for social media, one of which was a recruitment video for prospective employees. These videos were just as fun to make as they are to watch.


CALLAHEAD has been in business for almost 50 years, and during that time they have been providing the worlds best portable restroom to New York. They are the leader in the industry and you most likely have used one of their products but just don’t know realize it. We have created over 70 videos for them.


This is an edgy fun video where our client, Adgorithms, wanted to build a story in a way that was entertaining, informative, and would gain attention. This video even has some profanity. It reached over 60,000 Facebook views the first week of being dropped.


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