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Our VFX Reel

These days more brands are backing ideas that lend themselves to the use of Visual Effects. Thanks to technology we are able to make these concepts come to life. If you can think it, we can get it to the screen. We utilize the latest techniques in previsualization to ensure that we are communicating the visuals to you throughout the entire process. VFX are a great eye catching addition to your video that will buy real estate in the viewers' mind, and cement your brand in their brain.


Originally Fungal Snacks, this startup company rebranded to Popadelics during our Pre-Production process. They came to use with a new, interesting healthy snack that used mushrooms in a unique way to create a snack that tastes great... and is great for you. While showcasing the product, we also featured the company's two founders and cast actors for the action shots. Here, we utilized VFX shots where one snack flies into the mouth of the snack-er.

Pay the Price Game

We had personally worked with Joe Santagato in the past and were super thrilled he came back to us with a hilarious Kickstarter card came. Their original goal/ pledge was $10,000 and when this video launched they blew past that goal 10x and raised $120,000. It was a phenomenal experience to be a part of, and watch this product grow.

Kettle & Fire

This Kickstarter video was intended to bring awareness to Kettle & Fire by highlighting their unique and keto friendly bone broths. Since the creation of this video they have received massive attention and are sold in Walmart, Target, countless grocers across the United States, as well as


Lexip is a revolutionary mouse that is taking the gaming world by storm. We wrote, casted, shot, created the 3D VFX, and edited this project. Lexip set a goal on Kickstarter of $30,000 and blew past this benchmark...raising $75,000 in the first day alone.


A long standing client of ours, Shux approached us with their new line of performance wear that was specifically engineered to be packable in a unique pouch. This new line also featured a detachable hood that is compatible with any style of shirt, the only product of its kind. This Nike-esque video was shot in several locations across the country, including New York, Chicago, Seattle and the Grand Canyon.

Sweet Ride

Michael had a very successful career and decided to pursue a passion project that turned into a business. The features of the product itself, the board, were showcased in this video and Michael, the founder, gives it a personal touch by narrating the piece.


CogniToys is an Elemental Path product that has been featured on numerous publications including Mashable, Yahoo! Tech, New York Observer, Wired, and Gizmodo. They came to us to complete their latest crowdfunding video featuring their latest product (StemoSoar) powered by IMB Watson Technology. Elemental path has received $4.25 Million Dollars In Funding to date and is continuing to grow its reach.

Clip & Talk

This revolutionary and sleek everyday product was showcased in our video and the viewer gets to meet the people behind the brand. This unique product tracks numerous health vitals of the user and was invented by the founder of the company after a life threatening situation forced him into creating Clip and Talk.


Bandphones was a unique product that needed more exposure. We wrote the script and casted a very active spokesperson in this video. It was important that the spokesperson would resonate with the target market of athletes and enthusiasts who have an active lifestyle. Peter Shaw knocked it out of the park and through the use of the video our client found an untapped market in Brazil where Bandphones caught fire.

Genius Pack

Alfred Chehebar, the creator of Genius Pack had come to us with a very unique type of suitcase and wanted to create a kickstarter video that showcased all the features, benefits and engineering that went into the creation of his invention. We were able to successfully write the script, hire 2 actors, and film in multiple locations. Having been the inventor we decided it was best to have Alfred in the video in order to create a bond between the inventor and audience funding him. Genius Pack blew past the original goal of 50k with pledges equaling over $460,000.


We created this video for a returning client who had a very singular idea of what he wanted. The 90’s infomercial feel was a delicate balance where we wanted to hint at it, but not completely go over the top. Our client was very happy with the results and we also cut 2 shorter pieces for social. He received great attention to the product form Europe and South America where they have larger bottles than the U.S.

Handle Plus

Handle Plus a great, innovative new way to secure your tablet when you’re on the go. Not only that, but it doubles as a sturdy, easy-to-use stand to keep your tablet in a fixed position. Hassle-free and easy to carry, Handle Plus makes working and watching your favorite movies and TV shows easy, no matter where you are. This video displays just how convenient, innovative and easy-to-use this product is.

Friends of Crown Heights

For more than four decades Friends of Crown Heights has been the premier provider of exemplary child care and early childhood education services in the City of New York. Today, the organization is among New York’s largest and most comprehensive providers of group day care, Universal Pre-Kindergarten and after-school programs in some 15 full-service centers across the borough of Brooklyn and beyond.

OOT Trailer (3d Animation)

This project was a unique one for us. A private client came to us who had written an 800 page novel that he wanted to turn into a movie. In order to get investors interested he wanted a stylized animation trailer that would entice the viewer. We went so far as to create all characters and faces from scratch from the specific details given in the novel. Zoran, our CG Generalist, led the team and utilized the latest version of Unreal Engine to create this project from the ground up.


This video showcases TNC’s top-of-the-line 3D animation and motion graphics capabilities and state-of-the-art special effects. It’s hard to imagine that the turn around on this video was only two months, which is unheard of.

Backpacks for Life

Brett is the founder of an awesome non profit 501-C3 organization that helps veterans who have lost their home. This animation showcases the storyline behind the hardships that the people who keep our borders safe face after arriving back home. It is used to educate both donors and the people in need about this worthy cause.

Dentists on Demand

With this animation video we showcased an innovative new concept in a field that’s been operating the same way for decades. This video was not only used for promotional and marketing purposes but also was successful in helping the company raise capital.


Logan and Trevor, the founders of Küdzoo are on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Being that Küdzoo targets students the founders wanted a fun and friendly personality driven piece. We executed this by keeping the atmosphere on set light and lively while still providing the viewer with information about upgrades to the app.

Edgy Pet

After the success of creating a main branding video, the founders of Edgy Pet came back to us and decided that they also wanted a quick explainer animation video to ad to their marketing campaign. Since we were very familiar with their brand the scripting and storyboarding process moved quickly into this final product.

Top Notch Cinema Commercial

This video is truly the first of its kind. it’s an advertisement for a production company, produced by the company itself, and it ran on TV with a great conversion rate. It’s not only telling prospective clients about Top Notch Cinema and the work we provide, but it’s an active example of our work.

Top Notch Cinema Commercial 2

This being our second commercial we decided to advertise online. For this reason we implemented the use of a “Scroll Stopper” opening and altered our messaging slightly. By this point we were no longer educating businesses to the fact they they needed video, but instead all business owners already knew they needed video.

Top Notch Cinema Commercial 3

This is another example of an ad we made for ourselves. When you're a video production company, you have the unique ability to make your own ads. This was shot during the beginning of covid and we creatively worked around social distancing by utilizing digital characters.

The Long March Home

At the time of filming, Robert Max was one of the last living American soldiers to have escaped and survived Nazi slave labor. This documentary we filmed tells his story of enlisting in the army during World War II at the age of 21. It was more than a privilege to be able to film such an inspiring and captivating piece such as this.

GASH (Music Video)

Our client came to us wanting a music video to showcase a song that he had written. He is originally from Haiti but made his way here to get started with music. This rear projected screen behind our musician was able to showcase a plethora of colors/designs/videos that we could control to give a visual sense to the piece. This is more beneficial than green screen since the light from the background interacts with the foreground subject.


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