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CW-X came to us wanting a multitude of videos that showcased their proprietary products. They focused on the brand, but also wanted to explain the product. We wrote the scripts and delved into an extensive Pre-Production process that included finding multiple locations along with preparing animation/rotoscoping for the video. Our goal was to highlight features and benefits of their specific products - this really highlighted our versatility as a company and the skills we offer.


The owner of the dealership had been making car commercials for years and wanted to give a unique spin to this one. He wanted to showcase the unique relationship of a father buying his daughter a car for the first time and we came up with the idea that the father would also have a truck catch his eye in the process. We casted the perfect visual look of the father with Xander Steel who is built Ford tough and exemplifies the ideal of the brand.


Because of the success of the first season, video T-Mobile green lit a second series which we shot and edited. This was a branding play from them and wanted it to appeal to a larger age demographic. T-Mobile was very specific in wanting their branding subtle within the video and this was executed by the backdrop lighting and small insert shots that included their logo.


Plated was featured on the popular series Shark Tank. Later it was acquired for $200,000,000. We had the pleasure of creating a promotional video for Plated shortly before the acquisition. This became the third business we produced a video for that had a major acquisition.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York

The Four Seasons wanted to showcase that even though they are a big brand, their team is dedicated to being hands-on in creating an amazing and personal hospitality experience. This video showcases the local products that are served at the Four Seasons Hotel New York.


Maytronics came to us with the goal of wanting to break free of the type of videos they had been making and wanted something more creative with G rated family humor. We rose to the challenge of writing the scripts (15-30-90 second versions), casting actors, locations, and finalizing 3 unique videos within a short production timeline. The higher-ups in the company were very pleased with the final result.

Anthony (Brand Video)

Another returning client - we made 31 videos for them previously - trusted us with this meticulous and complex production. Numerous actors were hired for the 31 product videos we created and one was selected to come back to create this Brand Video which would be used at a top of the funnel teaser piece in their marketing campaigns.


The goal with this promo video was to show the customer experience, while simultaneously explaining their disruptive business model. We scripted prior to filming and shot at three separate locations. To give the viewer a true customer experience, we hired an actor to do a walk through of the store as if they were an actual customer. The point-of view shots, swish pans and fast cutting style made the viewer feel like they were actually there.


A long standing client of ours, Shux approached us with their new line of performance wear that was specifically engineered to be packable in a unique pouch. This new line also featured a detachable hood that is compatible with any style of shirt, the only product of its kind. This Nike-esque video was shot in several locations across the country, including New York, Chicago, Seattle and the Grand Canyon.

Great Neck Alert Fire Co.

This was a high energy, extremely fun recruitment and brand piece that hypes people up to join the Great Neck Alert Fire Company. Our crew went through rigorous testing in hotboxes where we played with fire and ended up creating this exciting piece/hype video.

What the Law Is

Our team had numerous talent to cast and locations to vet, for the creation of this video. We added snow in some shots to make it look colder than it was which helped emphasize the struggle the main character was going through. Since it was mostly guided by voice over, we had to make sure the live talent personalities were captured visually to create the right moments.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is a green energy company that provides alternative energy to homeowners in New York, California, New Jersey and Florida. Their use of video visualized how customers help save on electricity costs while simultaneously helping the environment.

High Level Marketing

We love working with companies and making new connections. With HLM we not only made this promo and 5 unique testimonial videos for them, but they also designed and hosted our website. We love creating videos for our vendors.

Ask Mr. Franchise

Casting the right actor was key for this particular video that followed a man who dreams of waking up and becoming a successful businessman and living the life he's always wanted. But in the video, it wasn't long before he realized that it wasn't a dream at all, but it was a reality - an obtainable reality. Our casting choice really nailed this particular role and the video overall really got its message across while keeping the targeted audience's attention and intrigue without explaining the service being sold. The intent and accomplished goal was to drive traffic to the site so the audience would want to learn more.

Absolute New York

Absolute NY was looking for a lifestyle branding video and TNC handled all logistic aspects including, casting models and securing locations to ensure that their time pressured shoot would be a success. Absolute NY is a beauty supply company who’s brand continues to grow through the use of video marketing.

Find _____ At Victory

Victory Church wanted a hard hitting, emotion driven, attention grabbing, non stereotypical video that would stay with the viewer. Since the release of this commercial, as well as four other videos we created for them, they have increased membership rates at their parish. Victory Church has ministries in seven countries around the world.

Unique Fitness

In this TV spot for Unique Fitness, we follow a flirtatious development between a guy and girl who meet at a gym and, by the end of the video, become husband and wife. This client hired us to create a few different videos, but this is the one they wanted to run on TV, which featured a former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold as the eventual husband. We had a great time working with him!

Dollar Shave Club

Interview style company profile video with the founder and key staff members of Dollar Shave Club. The goal of this video was to showcase new product lines and introduce the faces behind this billion dollar brand. We created this video shortly before DSC was acquired by Unilever for $1 Billion.

Pintail Coffee

In this video, Pintail Coffee showcases their whole process behind creating the perfect cup of coffee, capturing the essence of their brand and exemplifying their mastery of the art of coffee-making. Creating the perfect cup of coffee for decades, it all starts with the quality of the beans, which they source, purchase and ship to their impressive Long Island manufacturing facility where this video was shot. It’s impossible to watch this and not crave a cup for yourself.


Silknet is the largest telecom company in the country of Georgia. It is a subsidiary of the Silk Road Group which is one of the biggest investments firms in Eurasia. Within this video there are flashy special effect shots and the Rolling Stones song Start Me Up, which was licensed for the release of this commercial. The commercial stars Samy Naceri, a superstar in Europe known from Luc Besson’s Taxi series.

Ready Grip Technologies

Ready Grip Technologies is a revolutionary golf product that was picked up by 350 media outlets after the launch of the video we created for them. Our video was a focal point of their media kit and helped the various media outlets understand the unique product and its capabilities. The edgy tone was something that the founder knew he wanted from the beginning, and he is ecstatic that we were able to make his vision come to life.

Royal Blue Apparel

With a clothing line, style is very important. We created a bulk series of videos (shot in one day) that had the visual and tonal feel that Royal Blue wanted. Packaging many videos is a way for our clients to get the most amount of content in a short period of time.


This project was completed in less than a month from the final concept to the final cut. The services rendered included concept creation, scriptwriting, casting actors, shooting, and final VFX rendering. The piece received 167,762 views to date. Horze is a multinational brand that operates in 43 countries and is a leader in the manufacturing horse apparel.

Bellion Vodka

Successful liquor product campaigns typically incorporate apparel and allure revolving around sex. This high-end liquor brand is showcased in a way that will impact viewers. Bellion had a heavy emphasis on brand awareness because differentiating yourself in the liquor market is imperative.


Originally Fungal Snacks, this startup company rebranded to Popadelics during our Pre-Production process. They came to use with a new, interesting healthy snack that used mushrooms in a unique way to create a snack that tastes great... and is great for you. While showcasing the product, we also featured the company's two founders and cast actors for the action shots. Here, we utilized VFX shots where one snack flies into the mouth of the snack-er.


This particular client came to us with a very specific vision and wanted to pay homage to The Matrix. Our challenge was to re-create the look and feel of a large budget film, without the budget. With meticulous planning the entire video was shot in studio in one day.


This video showcases TNC’s top-of-the-line 3D animation and motion graphics capabilities and state-of-the-art special effects. It’s hard to imagine that the turn- around on this video was only two months, which is unheard of.

Book A Broker

Our client wanted to showcase the freedom in lifestyle that real estate provides brokers at his firm. He uses this video as a reciting tool for new hires and it has helped him acquire top performers who are not only motivated, but fun to work with.

NY State Solar

NY State Solar came to us and wanted to create a video that showcased the daily struggle of working from home. At the same time they wanted to visually represent all the household products that are used everyday which require electricity.


Bandphones was a unique product that needed more exposure. We wrote the script and casted a very active spokesperson in this video. It was important that the spokesperson would resonate with the target market of athletes and enthusiasts who have an active lifestyle. Peter Shaw knocked it out of the park and through the use of the video our client found an untapped market in Brazil where Bandphones caught fire.

Ravs Shop

Though the story line was simple - a girl wakes up in the morning only to find herself in a black, almost-ethereal dream space - the visual messaging was approached in a unique when the video eventually leads to a vibrant crescendo once everything transitions to color for the final reveal. This really showcased what their makeup products really do in a very creative way.


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