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With the technological age booming, companies are faced with a new question: which is best for my company—web promotional videos, T.V. commercials, or both? The answer is unique to your company, but an analysis of the two platforms—T.V. and the Internet—can help to determine which is the best fit for your company and the distribution of your ad.

It can be said that we, as a society, are undergoing an online video revolution. It’s clear that more brands and agencies are shifting to web promotional videos to reach a new, younger audience and gain more “views.” According to a new survey from BrightRoll, 72 percent of ad agencies believe that web promotional videos are as effective—if not more effective—than T.V. commercials. Why is this? Let’s see. Firstly, Millennials demand flexibility and affordability when it comes to their viewing habits, according to eMarketer. Young consumers are veering away from the T.V. set—and, therefore, away from T.V. commercials—and toward their smart phones and laptops—and, therefore, toward web promotional videos. In fact, there is a growing trend of “cord-nevers” ( within this younger group. Online, the digital content world is booming. There exists an inherent superiority to web promotional videos compared to those T.V. commercials. Web promotional videos are more dynamic and can be longer than T.V. commercials.

These videos can quickly explain more complex storylines, products, companies, and more in less time than a TV commercial ever could. Web promotional videos also serve another need that Millennials demand: immediacy. Millennials, at the touch of their fingertips, want to watch what they want, when they want it, and wherever they want it. This means that web promotional videos, especially when played before a popular (“viral”) video or when made available on your company’s website, can help the advancement of your brand in the digital age.

This is not to say that T.V. commercials are dead. Many companies view T.V. commercials as the traditional, default method by which to promote their brand. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, T.V. is the nation’s most common leisure activity, with the average American watching 2 hours and 49 minutes a day. Therefore, advertising through this medium via T.V. commercials can reach mass audiences. In fact, T.V. commercials are a great way to target a specific audience, too. Purchasing an ad spot on a channel or during shows that your intended demographic is likely to be watching is a savvy and efficient way to hone-in on a specific type of consumer. Finally, television is a trusted and traditional medium; it exudes an aura of sophistication. This aura extends to T.V. commercials as well, bolstering the legitimacy of the companies that choose to promote their brands through this medium.

A television presence can help your company thrive both independent of the Internet and also in addition to an online presence. It’s also possible that a dual approach—using both web promotional videos and T.V. commercials—may work best for your company. If you have additional questions about marketing strategies, both general and custom for your brand, please contact us.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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