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The First of its Kind

Do me a favor. Take a moment to think of all of the production companies you know. Not coming up with many? Not surprising. Despite production companies’ integral role with nearly everything we watch, we rarely get to know the companies that are behind the work. Here at Top Notch Cinema, we are actively working to change that: we want you to get to know us.

Top Notch Cinema is a corporate video production company based in New York City. Our core competency is in New York, but anywhere is within our reach. We recently celebrated the release of our first promotional video.

This video is truly the first of its kind: it’s an advertisement for a production company, produced by the company itself. It’s not only telling prospective clients about Top Notch Cinema and the work we provide, but it’s an active example of our work.

At the heart of Top Notch Cinema lie two core values: authenticity and quality-assurance. It’s important to us that you, a prospective client, get to know our company for yourself. We riddled the video with Top Notch Cinema leaders: James Orfanos, Co-Founder & Principal, and Mitchell Miller, Producer, both star in our video. Greg Parker, Co-Founder & Head of Production, directed and edited it. We know that video is the most powerful marketing tool in the world, and our goal is to help you access it for your company.

Looking forward, video is also the future. Our commercial’s release comes at an integral point in our society’s progression: video is and will continue to be the dominant medium by which people disseminate and receive information on the web. Knowing this, Top Notch Cinema aspires to represent you and your company in accurate and attention-grabbing ways. We will immerse ourselves in your company, making it a priority to fully understand your goals and what you want to portray through your video. Here at Top Notch Cinema, we recognize the importance of authentic, unique representation in this ever-increasing digital age. We can provide that for you.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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