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How to Use Video for Your Business During Coronavirus

Top Notch Cinema is striving to adjust to the changing market situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the leadership of co-founders Gregory Parker and James Orfanos, our Emmy award-winning company is helping businesses throughout the world market their products and services.

While there are limitations due to the current pandemic, we are able to overcome many of these challenges to help other companies spread their marketing messages.

Top Notch Cinema Changes Things Up

There are limitations on how businesses can operate during the present stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders. These restrictions extend to video production companies. Because of this, Top Notch Cinema is working to switch up the way we help clients produce scripts and marketing videos.

We strictly follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and tri-state health departments. Even if someone wanted us to produce a video in person, we wouldn’t do it as we would never put our staff members and important people at risk. Like you, we value the safety and health of our team members, clients, partners, and vendors.

Because of this, we can’t shoot the way we normally do. But we can still create promotional videos and commercials that are entertaining and engaging. We’ve simply had to be more creative about how we do this.

Instead of writing a script and gathering people together to shoot it, we may need to edit client-produced videos, add graphics, and insert text on the screen as alternative options.

Finding New Video Options During the COVID-19 Crisis

Throughout the country, small business owners are finding innovative ways to continue serving their customers during the pandemic. Restaurant owners are offering curbside pick-up and delivery options. Meanwhile, spas are providing at-home facials by shipping their products to the client’s front door.

Like other businesses, Top Notch Cinema is changing its approach. We can’t ethically or legally shoot videos until the crisis is resolved. However, our team is already finding new, creative techniques for overcoming these obstacles to create amazing videos for our clients.

Video Editing Services

Many smartphones have great cameras and recording capabilities. While these devices aren’t as good as professional video recording equipment, they can still create a solid video under the correct direction. We are working with a number of our clients and coaching them through using their smartphones and mobile devices to create marketing and training videos for their company.

Once the video is shot, the next step is getting it professionally edited. Many of our clients are turning to us to handle this part of the process. While these videos still lack the flair of a professionally produced, scripted video, they are a significant improvement over a simple smartphone recording that is immediately published or posted.

Getting video editing can help more than just your advertising campaign. You can use it for how-to videos, social media ads, and so much more.

If you think about it, many workplaces are having to train their employees on new sanitation procedures and protective measures, so they need video editing and similar services to make this easier and more engaging.

Graphics Development

Depending on the type of video, you may want to add graphics as well. Even if videos are being produced at home on a mobile device, they will immediately look more professional if they have accompanying graphics, images, and illustrations. In addition, graphics will help you convey your key points and overarching message in a more appealing way.

Inserting On-Screen Text

Finally, Top Notch Cinema can help boost your video quality through the use of on-screen text. This text can be used to accompany your graphics and to emphasize important brand messages. Whether you are creating a video ad or a simple newsletter video, this option helps you communicate clearly with your customers and employees.

We Will Navigate This Crisis Together

Since the crisis began, Top Notch Cinema has fielded many requests from companies who want help with video editing, graphics, and text. Like many of our clients, we are unable to gather dozens of people together to film new videos for marketing campaigns or training goals. Instead, we are working to help these companies produce high-quality, professional videos in a safe, healthy way.

We don’t know how long this crisis will last. As a nation, we must find ways to adapt and navigate the pandemic just as we have done in the past. This means working to find new ways to run our company while still protecting our staff members.

If you need help with video editing and production services, our team can help you find the solutions you need. Call  (332) 255-2456 or contact Top Notch Cinema online today to find out more.

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