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Types of Videos to Create During Coronavirus

Apart from industries and workers that are considered essential, there are many companies that have been shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic. And while video production agencies aren’t considered by the government as an essential service, we’re still finding ways to help our clients create top of the line videos at this time.

With modern technology and the resources almost everyone has immediately available to them, there are numerous types of videos that can be made while COVID-19 remains an issue.

From footage you can capture on your own to animations we can make in-house, let’s take a look at the video productions you can create during the quarantine.

Pre-Shot Footage from You

Shooting in New York City quite simply can’t happen right now as most of the community remains shut down. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for Top Notch Cinema to put together a great video for you.

You can always capture your own video content from a personal camera or even a smartphone and then send it to us for editing and further production.

With the content, we can go in many different directions and cover a wide variety of topics that are related to your business. Brand videos are a great way to build trust and develop authority in your industry. You can tell the history of your company, start a vlog, describe your company culture, and much more.

Product Demos

Do you have a product you’re trying to promote during the Coronavirus? Send one to us and we’ll create a detailed product demo that references its great features. It can be the perfect way to get information about your brand out to the world.

We could even make an explainer video that showcases the problem your product was created to solve. As one of the most engaging types of videos available for you to produce at this time, an explainer video can be a longstanding piece of content that will remain relevant even beyond the end of this pandemic.

To keep the production process within CDC guidelines, we would have a single camera shooter in a clean, creative environment capture footage of your product. From there, our editing team would add voiceovers, visuals, and even on-screen text to make it easy to share on social media platforms or your website.

Animation & Whiteboard Videos

Among the most effective types of videos to create during COVID-19 are animations or detailed whiteboard videos. These can be made with little to no effort on your part as our designers simply need the information you want to be included within the content.

Once they have all the details, they can immediately get to work drawing out the artwork and creating either the 2D or 3D designs.

Animated videos can be extremely engaging and entertaining, making them the perfect type of marketing video for nearly any promotion strategy.

Stock Footage

Here at Top Notch Cinema, we have subscriptions to multiple services that provide high-quality stock footage and stock images that can be compiled, revamped, and catered to fit thousands of needs and types of videos such as:

While stock footage on its own may look bland and generic, our incredible team can use it to create a dynamic video that will keep your audience’s attention and lead them to take action.

Three Stages of Creating a Video During Coronavirus

While most of the process involved with making video content at this time remains the same, there are a few minor differences you should be aware of before we get started.

1. Pre-Production

Overall, the pre-production phase stays the same for our clients during COVID-19. Depending on the project we are planning, the initial steps include idea creation, writing a script, and gathering any products or resources needed.

As always, we do all of this prep work and simply follow-up with you when we need information that will be used in the video production.

2. Production

When it comes to filming the video, normally we would schedule one to three days for shooting footage either at your location or with members of your team. But since Coronavirus is limiting the ability to do that, we do much of the filming in controlled environments on our own.

This still allows us to do videos that are created through the examples mentioned previously including:

  • Capturing your own
  • Product Demos
  • Animation
  • Stock Footage

3. Post-Production

Basically nothing has changed with the final step of our production process. Once we have the footage from you or have filmed our own, we get to work editing it for publication.

This is the stage where we add visual effects, voiceovers, and captions. From here, we finalize the videos and send them your way for posting across whatever platforms you decide to use them.

Don’t Stop Making Videos During the Coronavirus

Although many companies and industries aren’t able to function as they normally do, this is presenting a great opportunity to get ahead with your marketing efforts. Take some time to recognize the benefits of using video and see what it can do for your business.

And remember this quote from the famous American film director Stanley Kubrick, “If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”

Get in touch with Top Notch Cinema today and start using video to boost your company!

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