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3 Things You Need for Effective Video Marketing Campaigns



While it would be nice to simply film a quick video about your business and have it go viral, there tends to be more effort to it than that. Especially if you want to make innovative video marketing campaigns that convert into sales, you’ll want to consider a few key facts before getting started.

There are things you need to know and industry standards you’ll want to follow as you incorporate video into your advertising strategy. The more you can make these suggestions part of your video marketing campaigns, the more likely there are to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

1. Your Target Audience

Whether you’re doing a YouTube video marketing campaign or one for Facebook or Instagram, you need to know who you are trying to reach. Identifying the target audience for your videos is key to every type of content you create. There are a handful of ways you can find out who these people are as well as the best tactics to attract their attention.

Keep Track of Trends

Now, you should never chase after every single trend that comes along but you should always be mindful of them and the individuals who are interested in them. As one example, Nike has recognized the growing interest in artificial intelligence and has since been using AI to improve their customer experience. If you can integrate a current trend into your video marketing campaign, you could potentially reach an audience that is outside the norm for your business.

Trends 2021 on a desk

Research Demographics

As you begin to realize who is interested in your offerings, dive into research about what separates them from other age groups, genders, income levels, job markets, and beyond. Your video marketing campaigns could focus on reaching out to men, women, or both. Likewise, a teenager may have no interest in your service, while someone in their 30s or 40s will be more intrigued by it.

Recognize Your Past Customers

If you’re already an established business, an efficient way to determine your target audience is by looking at people who have already bought your product or service. Find out how they found you and what finally led them to make a purchase. The better you understand these individuals, the more effectively you can re-market to them and also advertise to similar audiences.

See What Your Competitors are Doing

You should always avoid copying and plagiarizing any form of content at all costs. But every once in a while, it’s a good idea to take a look at what the competition in your industry is doing and revamp it in an even better way. If you can harness someone else’s ideas and make them better, your video marketing campaigns could skyrocket past other companies who used similar ideas.

2. Platforms Where You’ll Share Videos

It can be intimidating when you consider all the places where your video marketing campaigns can be shared. From your own landing pages to the seemingly endless list of social media channels across the internet, it’s important to find the places that will be most relevant to your business. This will often be part of your target audience research as well since certain demographics tend to gravitate towards specific platforms compared to others.

As you try to make a viral video marketing campaign, you’ll need to know the nuances of the various networks at your disposal.


With billions of users, the opportunity to promote your business on YouTube is unlike any other video platform. The network allows companies to either promote their business with video ads or through the creation of their own channel. Their analytics and management tools are helpful in seeing how successful your video marketing campaigns have been.

Group of friends on Social Media

Social Media

Currently, the most popular social media platforms for video are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, and more. Having a following on any of these sites can give you instant access to engage with your audience. The important thing to remember is that you consistently share relevant video content that provides value.


Effective video marketing campaigns can easily be embedded into your service pages, blog posts, landing pages, and other parts of your website. While you’ll want to follow search engine optimization (SEO) standards with your written content as well, adding a video makes it more likely that a visitor will remain on the page. In fact, consumers spend nearly 3x more time on sites with video than without.

Other Popular Sites

All it takes is a bit of outreach to various companies to get one of your videos on their website. This can include PR efforts across news sites, influencer blogs, and even review platforms. Not only will these videos engage other target audiences, but they can also improve your backlinks, which are immensely valuable for SEO.

3. A Reputable Video Marketing Company to Handle the Rest

Sometimes it feels like anyone can make their own videos nowadays. New camera technology in smartphones has improved the chances for a business to create content at the click of a button. But without the assistance of a professional video production company, most of these videos don’t turn out the way you’d want them to.

When it comes to making video marketing campaigns that work, there’s no step more important than finding the right team to help you along the way. A dependable video company will help you with so much more than simply the production process. They will also assist you with:

  • Finding your target audience
  • Choosing where to share your video content
  • Scriptwriting that will keep people engaged
  • Achieving the highest possible ROI from your content
  • Knowing what types of videos you need to make such as a brand video or explainer videos



As you search for a company you can count on, make sure they are able to tell the story of your brand in an authoritative and interesting way. To prevent people from scrolling past your video marketing campaigns, they’ll need to capture attention within the first 5 seconds by creating engaging video intros.

Make Effective Video Marketing Campaigns and See More Conversions

As you narrow down your audience, find the best places to post content, and hire a trusted team to help you along the way, the more effective video marketing campaigns you’ll end up with. The goal of these efforts is to reach more people, improve brand awareness, and make more sales.

If you need help making video marketing campaigns that work, Top Notch Cinema is here to take over the entire process for you. Our top-rated video production team has a proven track record of success for numerous clients who have found success with their video efforts.

Give us a call today at (332) 255-2456 to learn more or take a moment to fill out our online contact form so we can reach out to you!

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