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8 Ways Videos Can Benefit Your Current Marketing Efforts

Marketing can be one of the most exciting and frustrating aspects of any business. Some marketing plans run like clockwork, while others crash and burn within the first few days of their initiation.

After writing countless blog posts, publishing numerous case studies, and gathering all the customer reviews you can muster, why are your marketing efforts not offering the results you are looking for?

Enter video marketing.

Video Crew filming businessman in warehouse

As arguably the most effective form of content marketing, video is rapidly becoming a staple for every industry in the world. When done well, videos can generate strong leads, grow customer relationships, and even benefit your SEO efforts.

To give you an idea of how video can help your company, we’ve put together this list of eight ways this method can boost your overall marketing strategy. Take a look!

1. Build Trust

What do brands like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have in common? Consumers trust them. Another thing they all have in common? They all use video marketing strategies.

While all of these major corporations have built their reputations around high-quality products and services, they also understand the power videos can have in establishing trust among their fans and followers. This marketing tactic allows companies to connect with potential customers on a personal level.

2. Increased Conversions

Take a moment to think about a few of the most recent purchases you have made beyond your weekly grocery trip. What made you decide to buy that specific product over another? Did you happen to learn about any of them from a tv commercial or a social media ad?

Consumers are up to 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. When a video is incorporated into a landing page or added to a social media promo, it is much more likely to catch attention and send leads to your website. From there, additional videos can walk those future buyers through the entire process and guide them all the way up to the sale.

3. More Memorable

Do you learn better when you read something yourself or when someone else tells you what to do? While the numbers vary depending on the scenario, a large percentage of people are more likely to remember things they both see and hear, as opposed to just one or the other.

So, while some people may enjoy learning about your business by reading a blog post, the statistics show they will be able to remember more about products they learn about from videos. Typically this means you have to capture their attention within the first three to five seconds and hold it long enough to share the details they need to make an informed purchase.

4. Ready to Be Shared

As you scroll through your social media feed, what type of posts would you say come up the most? Odds are that video takes up a large portion of it. A remarkable 92% of people with a smartphone share videos they find online with co-workers, friends, and members of their family.

Video marketing crew with actors

Using video for your business will be more shareable than any other type of content. These short, promotional clips attract more attention and can be easily shared on just about any social network out there.

5. Improves Search Ranking

Anyone who has learned about any form of online marketing by now has heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and its importance to business success. In an industry where search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms, one thing is becoming more certain as time goes on: adding video to a page is a surefire way to boost its ranking.

The best way to utilize this as part of your video marketing strategy is by using videos to answer questions about your brand, your product, and your company. As Google shares search results for questions you have effectively answered, your video will be much more likely to show up on the front page.

6. Easier for Mobile Viewers

Back in the 80s and 90s, when people were bored they would do things like go shopping, see movies, play games at the arcade, and listen to music on their walkman or CD player. Nowadays, every single one of these things can be done from the small device sitting in your pocket.

When people are bored, they pull out their phones to play games, read, or watch videos. Using videos as part of your marketing plan provides an immense opportunity to hook their attention and keep them entertained. It is often easier than reading text on the small screen and people will usually choose to watch a video over the alternative.

7. Entertaining & Engaging

While books, magazines, and blog posts can be entertaining, nothing is more engaging than video. When done with your target audience in mind, using promotional clips can capture the attention of viewers even if it doesn’t have sound when they first see it.

Film Crew with Actors and Balloons

Though this does take a good amount of market knowledge and effort, it’s an important thing to keep in mind when using video on social media platforms.

8. More Sustainable than Text Content

Marketers in just about every industry absolutely worship the use of video. And that is because video marketing benefits have an ROI that is unmatched by any other strategy available today.

Video is able to encompass all other content types in one place. If you think about it, videos can include text, photos, music, links, and more. That thought alone goes to show the potential longevity this powerful marketing strategy can have.

Learn More About the Benefits of Video

There is so much more to video marketing than simply capturing some good footage with a camera or smartphone. It is an art form that takes a great deal of knowledge and skill to see true results.

If you are interested in adding video to your marketing repertoire, then Top Notch Cinema is here to help! Our team of production professionals has helped numerous clients with creating everything from promo videos and social media ads to tv spots and clips that have even gone viral.

Contact us today to learn more about how video can benefit your lead generation and add some digits to your bottom line!

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