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How Web Video Changed Video Marketing Forever

Web Video Marketing Basics:

Years ago only big brands were able to do video marketing via television commercials. Today video marketing is a much different landscape because of the ability to harness the power of the internet. This is an over simplistic view and is commonly a misused methodology.

Lets start with a view misconceptions and “Do Nots” of the video marketing world
1. Simply posting a video that was produced about your business on your youtube page is not video marketing. This strategy will most likely yield a 0% return on your investment. We will get more into how to promote your videos later.

2. Shooting a video yourself isn’t a good idea 99% of the time. Every bit of your marketing material is being judged by potential customers as well as existing ones. If a competitor has the perception of being more professional than you in any way the prospect or customer will heavily way that when making a buying decision. Having a web video shot yourself is usually a bad move.

3. Video marketing is not only for the biggest brands anymore. The ability to shoot a video, post it on your website and then drive traffic to that website is profitable investment for businesses of all sizes.

Here a few things that you need to be successful in your video marketing campaigns
1. The video marketing/video production company you choose needs to specialize in corporate video production. This is your business and you don;t want to be dealing with a company that doesn’t understand what makes a video convert into sales for your business.

2. The videos produced need a clear call to action. Most of the time when people aren’t guided on exactly what to do the video marketing campaign will fall apart. People are busy and have tons of distractions so you as a marketer need to guide them.

3. Make sure you know who you’re speaking to. Always keep your audience in mind when doing any marketing campaign.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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