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Why Video is the Best Way to Market Your Business

Video advertising is here to stay.

Videos have become one of the most popular ways to market and advertise. As more and more businesses start using video, it's important that they understand why they should be doing so. Videos are not just great for increasing engagement on social media or getting more views on YouTube—they can actually help grow your business in multiple ways. In this post, I'll cover why your business needs video content and give some tips on how to get started with video marketing today!


People are more likely to watch a video than read about your business.

Imagine you're a small business owner and you want to get the word out about your new product. How would you do it? If your answer is "write an article," then take note: this is not the way to market your brand.

Rather than relying on plain text, consider using video for marketing purposes as well. Video content is more engaging than text, more likely to be shared, and will help build an emotional connection with viewers (which can be key in converting them into customers).


Utilizing videos increases trust in your products and services.

Video is an excellent way to demonstrate how it works and the benefits it offers. A video will help establish trust in your company, especially if you’re a new business or just starting out. People want to see who they are buying from and what makes them different from the competition. Video allows you to connect with consumers on an emotional level by showing them why they should care about your brand, along with what makes yours unique from other brands out there.


Videos help you grow your brand and target your audience.

Videos help you build trust with your audience, which can be especially important if you're selling a product or service online. For example, if a consumer is considering purchasing a car from you, they may see videos of other people's positive experiences buying from you and decide to purchase the same thing. Additionally, if they don't know who else sells cars like yours but would like to find one that fits their needs perfectly (for example if they're looking to buy an SUV), then they can search for "SUVs" on Google where all the results will come up as videos rather than just text links with descriptions below them like before; this way users get an idea of what's available without having to click through multiple pages trying figure out what each one does differently from another until finally finding one that suits their needs best.”


If you have a physical location, videos can drive local traffic to your store.

A video is more likely to rank higher on search results pages than traditional text and images. This means that if someone searches for something relevant to your business, they’re more likely to see one of your videos than another company’s website—and they may just click through. For example, if someone searches "best coffee in Seattle," the first result will likely be a Yelp review since it's an authoritative third party recommendation site. However, if there was an amazing coffee shop in Seattle and they added video content about what makes their shop so great (like how fresh their beans are), then this could be ranked higher than Yelp's page because Google sees value in having trustworthy sources for answers about topics like this one!

Also: You can use video as a tool for building trust with customers before making a purchase decision; showing off any certifications or awards you've received from reputable organizations; demonstrating expertise; and sharing important information such as shipping costs or return policies upfront instead of forcing people into guesswork once they've already bought something from you.”


Videos help you rank higher on search results pages.
Your business needs video. If you haven't started using videos in your marketing and communications strategy, now is the time to get started. Videos are a great way to create content on your website, and they play an important role in social media, email marketing, selling products or services and explaining your business.


The future of marketing and advertising is video.

Video is a great way to build trust with your audience, engage with them and show off your products or services in an engaging way. It's also a great way to market and advertise your business.


More and more businesses are using videos successfully.

Video is the future of marketing, advertising and product and service demos. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to educate their audience about their mission, vision and values. And it can even be used as an entertaining medium to inform people about important issues in the world around them — no matter what industry you’re in or what products or services you offer!


Customers buy from brands that successfully use video.

Video is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. It will help you grow your business, reach out to new customers, and gain trust from potential buyers. Videos provide an opportunity to share your story and connect with people on a deeper level. If you’re still not convinced about using video for your brand or business, then consider this: 70% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from brands that use video, while only 38% said they were more likely to purchase from brands without videos!


Top Notch Cinema acts as your in house marketing team.

If your business isn’t using video yet (or if you have but aren’t seeing the results you want), Top Notch Cinema is here to help.

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