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The 15 Types Of Videos You Can Create For Your Business

There are many reasons why video content is an important marketing tool for your business, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a privately owned mom-and-pop operation just looking to attract more locals to your establishment. But there are different types of videos you can create based on the direction of your marketing strategy and/or the type of business/company you want to create video content for. Video content is also created for specific stages of your marketing plan. You may want to create a video geared towards attracting NEW clients and customers while you also may want to create a video targeting clients you already have, offering new and updated services your business did not previously offer. It all depends on which specific aspect of your service or product you’d like to target. Here are 15 Types of Videos You Can Create For Your Business.

Product Videos (Promo Piece):

This type of video presents your product to the customer, showcasing it’s functions and telling you why this product is useful. Though this is a product video, it should be about more than just the product. It should present the problem and how your product is the solution to that problem.

Product videos usually have a spokesperson or, often times, are accompanied by voice over, requiring the services of a skilled voice-over artist to help “sell” your product to these future clients and customers. Remember the “Sham-Wow” guy?

Speaking of the “Sham-Wow” guy…


These are long form sales videos with product demos and actors hired to showcase the benefits of your product. A spokesperson is often involved (like a product video/promo piece) but the hired actors are often there to represent the customers you’re company is trying to target. In many of these infomercials (including the “Sham-Wow”), the spokesperson is demonstrating the benefits of the product to the hired actors.

Product Demo Videos:

This is typically a “How To” video made specifically for the customer AFTER they have purchased the video. The video essentially shows someone how to specifically use the product.

Educational Videos:

Education videos are similar to product demo videos in the sense that they are essentially a “How To” video. They “educate” the audience about a specific topic at hand, i.e. showing someone how to properly purchase stock or how to play the guitar, just to name a few. In videos like these, the video often IS the product.

Staff Training:

Just about anyone who has been employed before has seen one of these videos, whether it’s working for a fast food chain or investment banking. This type of video describes the different and specific processes within a specific business. Often times, actors are hired for these videos, representing the future or present employee, showcasing WHAT and WHAT NOT to do in certain situations, HOW to handle certain situations, right down to basic operations of the business or specific establishment.

Videos for YouTube ads:

People watch over 5 billion hours of video each day… BILLION!

So, naturally, uploading Youtube ads can be extremely beneficial to your business. It’s a powerful way to gain new customers through video content on the web. But it’s also a community driven social media network that values meaningful content and genuine community engagement with reall people and stories.

Same as creating an engaging commercial to promote your product, you want something that’s going to grab someone’s attention (in between funny cat videos). Much like Facebook and Twitter, you can create an ad campaign based on your own budget – choosing relevant keywords and promotion text can help you get your video content in front of interested viewers for a reasonable price.

Videos for background of homepage of website:

These are wallpaper videos that make a desktop site more visually stimulating. If you’re putting together a web page, personal or business, you really want it to pop the moment someone is brought to your page. Marketers love video backgrounds because they make websites look modern and create a sense of artistry that static background images simply can’t match up to.

Many website conversion experts and regular people alike see their visitors stay on their websites longer and are more likely to sign up or opt-in to their product and service offers.

How to Use Video Background On Your Website – The Right Way!

Sales Videos:

Video that is meant to overcome common objections that happen during the sales process. Sales videos are a tool that are presented to clients in various parts of the sales funnel and are geared toward making a sales force more efficient and close more often.

Interview style videos:

Usually, the corporate executive or business owner is showcased in these types of videos. In short, it’s talking head cut over b-roll. These videos are unique in the sense that the viewer gets to know the faces behind the brand. These videos are usually straight forward with no irony or cutesy angle/concept to sell the product. Not only do you get to know the faces behind the product or business, but you get an in depth look into how and why these products came to life.

Lifestyle Videos:

These videos are typically made to showcase your product being used in its intended environment. This type of video is usually made for dynamic products used for exciting functions. For instance, let’s say your business sells jet skis – this kind of video would show your product in action, i.e. someone jet skiing. Often times, POV first person shots are used to put the viewer in the shoes (or flip-flops) of the person operating that jet ski. Go-pros are perfectly handy for these types of videos.

Social Media Videos:

These kinds of videos are normally packaged together in bulk to created a lot of content to be dripped out over time to keep audiences/fans engaged with the brand. Youtube videos DO fall under this category, but often times, these videos can be cut and chopped to fit social media pages that use shorter videos (Twitter and Instagram, for example).

Internal Videos:

Similar to staff-training videos, these videos are usually meant to be distributed STRICTLY to company employees. But unlike staff-training videos, these are mainly to inform employees of upcoming events, announce major company accomplishments or any other information that would be deemed newsworthy to employees of the company. This can help to utilize and muster up corporate brand identity and can also help to keep high morale within the company, making the employees proud to work there. It makes for a fun yet productive work environment.

Press Videos/PR Pieces:

Just like it sounds – these videos are distributed to the press as a strong public relations tool to help the general public warm up to the company. These videos often tie current events to the company at hand. They depict the company as a leader in the field while leveraging momentum behind these events. They show the general public how important your business is within their field in relation to the world today.

Think of it as a press release in video format. Let’s say your business sells dresses. Having your business as a sponsor at a red carpet gala (perhaps a movie premiere or benefit) would be a MAJOR coup for your company. That would DEFINITELY be something to include in the press video.

Videos to Upgrade Current Customer to a High Level/Package/Program:

Many companies spend a lot of money to acquire customers but fail to take advantage of upgrading and cross-selling current customers. Videos built to up- sell and cross sell can be distributed via drip campaigns. What are drip campaigns, you ask? They’re a set of marketing emails and/or text messages sent regularly on a sent schedule (sort of like a newsletter updating the customer on current news about their products and company). Including video rather than just sending text can help ensure engagement. It is a cost effective and cost efficient way to increase the bottom line.

Videos to Reactivate Clients:

Every business has clients that once used their services regularly but, for one reason or another, are no longer active. It’s MUCH easier to reactivate those clients through the use of video by reminding them about your product and service in a visual and interesting way. It also shows effort and earnestness behind the attempt to reactivate them by using well-made video content rather than just sending what seems like an automated email sent by a bot. It shows them how much they are and were valued by your company as clients and customers.

Okay, so now that you know about the 15 different types of videos that can be created to help market your business… what now? It’s actually quite simple: finding the right video production company to create these videos for you. And you came to the right place. We at Top Notch Cinema will help elevate your brand and bring your business to the next level. Top Notch is more than our company name, it reflects our level of professionalism and the quality of our videos that we create for you and your business. Our staff, led by an Emmy award-winner, is comprised of 27 experienced industry professionals dedicated to creating high quality content for your business. We take care of the entire video process, including scripting, location, casting, shooting, editing, voice-over and distribution. Contact us for more information here. 

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