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Using Corporate Video Marketing to Grow your Business

Video is the predominant medium through which to market and grow your business today. This is because in today’s “attention economy,” consumers demand to see—rather than read about—businesses, brands and products.

Video marketing can create and define the identity of your brand. What you choose to show in your business video can make or break your company. But this is not something to be afraid of—on the contrary, video is exciting. With the right production company, video offers your business the possibility of long-lasting exponential growth.

The first question to ask yourself when considering video marketing for your business is, what is the goal of your video? Is it to increase business? Educate your viewer? Train your employees? Fortunately, video can meet all of these needs. Video is a great medium through which to demonstrate your product or service. It also offers an opportunity to introduce your staff to viewers and customers, creating a bond between your business and the (prospective- or current) customer. In fact, you can even include your customers in the video. Customer testimonials can really change the way viewers see your company. Having your “number one fans” talk about how your product or service improved their lives helps prospective customers envision experiencing the same benefits from using your product or service. Another way to acquaint viewers with your business is to give a tour of your office. Offering viewers an “inside look” into your business will make them feel comfortable with and emotionally connected to your business.

Yet, it’s no secret that businesses have to fight to get noticed in today’s crowded online world. And, when your video is seen, it will either impact viewers immediately, or they’ll forget about it. This means that it’s vital to make your video marketing pieces eye-catching, unique, and true to your business.

Video content is here to stay. It’s time to embrace this modern marketing medium and profit from its countless business-related uses and benefits.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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