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The Best Way to Train your Staff With Video

Your staff is a large and extremely important part of your company. Therefore, it is vital to ensure each and every staff member is well trained. Video is a powerful medium through which you can efficiently and uniformly train your staff. Here’s why:

1) Time and money saver
Staff-training videos save time. Because these videos can be used again and again, managers don’t have to personally train each staff member or higher a person to train their staff for them. This frees up time and saves money, allowing you to invest time and resources to help grow your company.

2) Uniform message
If you’ve ever personally trained employees before, you know how easy it is for the actual training itself to transform and weaken over time: the way your staff is trained may get further and further away from the original fashion it was done. Video solves this issue. The same video can be used from the first employee to the 500th. The original content of your training procedures isn’t lost and each employee is trained the same, enhancing the overall strength and success of your company.

3) Track your employees
Another benefit of using videos to train your staff is that you can track which employees have completed the training process. A web portal can be set up where each staff member has his or her own personal username and must login to watch the training video. Higher-ups have back-end access to this portal, where they can track which employees have completed the training process. The ability to see which employees are taking your company and its training seriously—and which ones aren’t—can help you manage your staff better.

4) Accountability
Lastly, staff-training videos allow managers to hold their employees accountable for the things that they do wrong. Employees are unable to use the excuse of not being trained correctly—for example, by placing the blame on a failure of the manager who trained them—because, as mentioned above, the same staff-training video is used to train each employee.

At Top Notch Cinema, we specialize in creating staff training videos. We can help you revolutionize your company by creating training videos that will efficiently and effectively edify your staff.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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