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How to Choose a Video Production Company | Ultimate Guide

The power of video marketing and its benefits on a company’s branding are the most effective way to promote any business in the world. As this innovative marketing tactic isn’t going away any time soon, it’s time to start thinking about how you can incorporate this practice into your business and how to find a reliable video production company to help you do it.

This is not a boring, generic list that will lead you to a mediocre production team that makes awful marketing videos. We developed this to be the ultimate guide that will help you hire a top-rated video production company that can create highly engaging videos designed to convert leads into loyal paying customers.

Now before you go out and hire the first kid with a camera you find, take a few minutes to look through the tips you should consider when hiring a team to help you. From promo videos and product demos to powerful social media ads, choosing the right company can make the difference between a successful campaign and a pointless video clip sitting on your site with zero hits.

Check Out Their Video Portfolio

How can you choose a team to work with before seeing what they are capable of in the world of producing videos? Depending on the type of content you want, effective video production companies will provide easy access to a portfolio of their work.

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The more videos they are willing to share, the better.

That way you get a clear vision of their talents and the experience they’ve developed over the years. It also provides a means for you to see their ability to use animation as well as visual effects while determining whether they can fit your style, voice, and branding needs.

See What Others Are Saying About Them

Taking a look at Google reviews is one of the most reliable ways to find out which video production company is the best.

A recent survey found that more than 82% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase or hiring a company. The use of these references has rapidly become one of the most trustworthy strategies to determine whether a company is a good fit or not.

Positive reviews also stand as proof of a video production team’s dedication to customer service and their ability to create great content. While negative reviews may be the foreshadowing of working with a company that offers little more than bad experiences and poor results. Many companies may also showcase client testimonials on their website to give you an even better idea of what they can do for you.

Ensure They Understand Your Audience

As a business owner, you have likely done a good amount of research to narrow down the characteristics which define your target customer. While studying things like demographics can be an effective way to start, there is so much more to making sure your messages keep these individuals engaged.

It’s not enough to simply know their age range or gender. It is vital to choose a trusted video production company that understands your audiences, knows what is important to them, and what drives them to action. Especially when it comes to various content like a promotional video or a landing page video, your production team should be fully aware of how to interact with the people who will be most interested in what you have to offer.

Specialize in Making Business Videos Focused on Marketing

With a massive spread of videography devices floating around the world that ranges from the most expensive camera equipment to even the most basic smartphones, anyone can create videos now. But only a small percentage of anyone claiming to provide value for a company’s video production needs can truly deliver.

When searching for a nearby video production team to create your video content, it is vital they have experience in planning, producing, and even specializing in the business industry. Value comes from talent as well as an understanding of what company details should be included and how that information should be marketed.

A team could easily create a fun, entertaining video with no purpose or goal behind it. People do it on YouTube all the time. But a truly exceptional video team will pair entertainment and engagement with a marketing emphasis to get people to take action and click through to the next stage of the buying process.

Understanding of the Marketing Funnel

Knowing how to choose a video production company also means realizing the importance of marketing yourself and your business. Videos play a key role in moving potential clients through what is commonly referred to as the marketing funnel. Different video clips are used to spark specific emotions that lead these individuals from step to step.

From developing interest in your product and teaching about its uses in an explainer video to helping potential buyers evaluate their needs are a few of the key functions you should consider when producing videos. There is content that can be made for each and every level of this funnel.

Realize the Power of SEO

One of the most essential aspects of online marketing your video production should comprehend is the effect video can have on SEO. When done properly, these pieces of content have the ability to keep the people on your site for longer periods of time and boost your conversion rates.

Adding even a simple video clip to a landing page, sales page, blog post, or service page can make the difference between a new customer or someone who simply clicks the “Back” button.

As you learn how to choose a video production company, ask them where they feel your videos should be posted to benefit your SEO. A wise team will tell you that there are various types of videos that should be created to fit the specific purpose of where it will be shared. This often means using different videos for your social media accounts than the ones you put on your website.

Use Videos to Promote Their Own Business

Let’s pretend you are planning to hire someone to create a new website for you. Can you imagine asking to see their website as an example of what they can do, only to find out they don’t have one? Whether it’s a web designer without a homepage, a personal trainer who doesn’t work out, or a travel agent who has never left their hometown, it’s rarely a good idea to work with people who don’t practice what they preach.

On the same track, if a video production company isn’t using videos to promote their own services, how can you trust them to do it for you? A portfolio of work they’ve done for others is helpful, but you should also be able to see how well they understand their own industry before trusting them to work on yours.

Knowledge of the Best Platforms and Where to Post

Even after you’ve produced a variety of video content you absolutely love, you’ll need to know where to share it. While your first thought might be “EVERYWHERE!”, you may want to take a step back and strategically determine what will be most effective.

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Recognizing the best websites, social media networks, and other platforms to post your video on should be common knowledge for expert video production companies. They can help you identify social media strategies and whether the video should be promoted using ad services or be focused on organic reach. Everything from where the ad is shared to where the link takes each viewer makes a difference in how successful the campaign will be in the end.

Know the Importance of Branding

What is branding? With Nike, it’s the swoosh followed by “Just Do It”. For McDonald’s, it is the two golden arches followed by “I’m lovin’ it”.

But a brand is far more than simply a logo or a company motto.

Branding is all about the way a customer feels when they see, hear, or talk about a company and the experiences they’ve had with its products or services.

Whether you need brand videos or video content that is created with your brand in mind, the essence of your business brand must shine through every second of these important marketing tools. When you are hiring a video production company, they need to know how to capture the vision of your company for this to be possible.

Understanding of Web Tools

Once a video has been created, some production companies may want to make their process as simple as possible by posting it on your site’s internal video player. Many web development tools like Wix and Shopify provide access to free video publishing apps, but these aren’t always the best answer for sharing.

They can be clunky, outdated, and severely affect the quality of your videos.


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Instead of taking shortcuts, when focusing on production, it is imperative to follow the necessary steps to ensure the video runs smoothly from start to finish. You should always choose a company that uses paid versions of sites like Vimeo as well as YouTube, which provide a great option to maintain a high level of quality while also making sure there is limited buffering or load times.

Trust Them to Take Charge

The popular phrase “time is money” tends to ring true especially for those who are trying to run a business. As you are determining how to choose the best video production company, make sure you find a team that can confidently take over the project with minimal supervision on your part. The more they can handle the workload while leaving you to care for your own customers, the more time and money you’ll save in the long run.

A dependable crew will know the benefits of using video production as part of your marketing tactics. They’ll be able to use all the top tips and techniques in the most effective ways so you can count on them to produce great content that matches your needs and desires. All while limiting the amount of time you have to spend collaborating with them.

Still Expect Open Lines of Communication

While you should hire an experienced video production company that can handle working on your project without needing you by their side through every step, they should still be willing to keep you in the loop along the way. How else would they know that they’re on the right track as they’re creating your videos?

Ensure that you have multiple avenues of communication open to speak with someone at the company. This will allow you to stay as involved as you want to be throughout the process.

Script Writers on Staff

Companies that outsource work can lead to both poor quality and a lower sense of accountability. When a video ad is produced, the script plays a crucial role in converting leads into paying customers. Even with the most breathtaking graphics, a bad script can ruin a video. If you don’t believe us, go watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace again.

Video editor at video production company working and taking notes with cup of coffee

A team of on-staff writers will be responsible for designing a script based on the expectations of the producers. They are able to work together closely throughout the process, ensuring that each scene fits the visual and verbal needs. Outsourced work also means more frequent delays in correspondence, miscommunications, and work that may not even be completed at all.

Find a Team You Can Work With Long-term

Videos are created to stand the tests of time as one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. But like other forms of content, videos must be kept up-to-date with trends and the ever-changing world we live in.

If you’re simply hiring a video production company for a one and done project, that means you’ll have to go through the whole process all over again when it’s time for new videos.

Instead, why not work with a crew who can be there with you for the long haul?

Developing a relationship with them will make it easier for you to get new content whenever necessary. And it will also allow your video production team to gain deeper insight into your brand as they create even more powerful videos with each passing year.

Let Us Help You Create Engaging Videos

Unsure of how to approach video production companies?

Top Notch Cinema makes the process smooth and simple, answering most of your questions before you even ask them. You can expect the highest level of professionalism and quality work from our top-rated video production company.

Whether you need promotional videos, short ad clips, or long-form product description videos, Top Notch Cinema has a solution for you. Our team specializes in producing dynamic content that is designed to enhance your brand and help you grow.

Reach out to us online or give us a call today at (855) 862-3456 to learn more about our services and how we can make an impact on your next ad campaign.

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