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Business Videos are Different than Any Other Kind of Video

Business videos are different than any other kind of video. At Top Notch Cinema, we recently found this out for ourselves while creating and distributing our own business video. Videos give customers an overview of your product and company without bombarding them with text. The combination of entertainment, brand promotion, and distribution make business videos sometimes difficult, but nonetheless vital, to create for your brand.

The goal of business videos is return on investment—not pure entertainment. Business videos should turn viewers into customers. Sure, these videos can and should be entertaining, but, of course, that is not the main objective. Your video should amuse viewers while subtly—or not so subtly—promoting your brand.

Building brand awareness is another key objective of your business video. Brand awareness is a measure of how well your brand is known within its target markets. Because video dominates both T.V. and Internet mediums (in fact, audiences prefer video), your business video can be used as a T.V. commercial, an online ad, or a promotional video on your company’s website. The possibilities for promoting your brand are virtually endless, and video makes these possibilities available to you. With more visibility comes more brand awareness.

Business videos are also a great opportunity to forge a connection between viewer/customer and manager/founder. One of the most important aspects of marketing is to connect to your target audience. Maintaining regular, direct communication with your audience builds trust between customer and founder. Creating a brand that is known for being trustworthy and genuine is the key to increasing your company’s sales and longevity.

Finally, the distribution strategy of your business video is the key to its success. It is very important to construct a strategy for your video marketing pursuits to maximize your reach and accurately hit your target audience. Creating a distribution strategy enhances every other goal of your business video: it will save resources, increase return on investment, efficiently build brand awareness, and facilitate trust between customer and founder (by airing your video to an audience that will feel most connected to it). It is about placing your business video in an environment where it has the highest likelihood of succeeding.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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