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A.I.'s Open Letter to Humanity


Unleashing AI's Creative Power:

In a groundbreaking endeavor, we decided to try an experimental project to unlock the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Our aim was to harness AI as a powerful tool in video production while utilizing its ability to generate captivating and time-efficient output. This article delves into the process behind the creation of our remarkable Open Letter to AI video and the valuable insights we gained along the way.


To kickstart the project, we developed the concept ourselves, seeking to obtain AI's perspective on the future of AI and its impact on humanity. Utilizing ChatGPT as our initial AI model, we inputted the prompt and generated a script. However, we could have opted for Google BARD as well, another capable AI program for such tasks, but ultimately settled on ChatGPT for this project. Subsequently, we employed an additional AI program to narrate the script, infusing the style of a science documentary into our video.


Infusing a Human Touch:

Initially, the AI-generated responses tended to be impersonal. To enhance the emotional connection, we requested a rewrite of the script from the AI, this time adopting a first-person perspective. This approach added a human touch to the narrative. We trained a unique voice using ElevenLabs, using the ChatGPT script as input for the voiceover.


Crafting a compelling voiceover presented its own set of challenges. While ElevenLabs did not deliver the specific pauses and breaks we desired, we overcame these obstacles during the editing process. Through careful adjustments, we managed to create a suspenseful, human-like voiceover akin to what one would expect from a documentary.


A Fusion of Humans and AI:

To further augment the video's impact, we seamlessly integrated lively visuals sourced from stock footage and carefully selected complementary music to enhance the overall viewing experience. The final video exemplified a collaborative effort between humans and AI, where AI played a supportive role in case-specific projects.


While we recognize the discomfort some may feel with the use of a non-human voiceover, we are fully aware of its limitations and the potential implications for job displacement. Therefore, while we will not actively promote this technology to our clients, we will continue employing it internally while still prioritizing human voiceover.


Valuable Lessons Learned In The Evolving Landscape of AI:

This project imparted invaluable lessons, one of which was the significant acceleration of the video creation process through the use of AI. Compared to the traditional approach of creating a script from scratch and recording a voiceover, the AI-generated voice saved considerable time. Impressively, the entire video, from conceptualization to editing, came to be within a mere five hours, despite its five-minute duration.


The synthesized voice has made remarkable progress, especially when provided with minimal input or a sample voice. Notably, the voice we employed in our video was not modeled after an existing AI voice but rather developed uniquely. Although some have drawn comparisons to the renowned Morgan Freeman's voice, it is crucial to note that the specific voice we utilized differs from the widely available Morgan Freeman voice online.


One notable drawback of AI, particularly within the artistic realm, revolves around the potential displacement of human professionals. The prospect of editors, voiceover actors, and product photographers facing significant impacts from AI remains a cause for concern. Reports indicate that up to 40% of the global workforce could be displaced by AI within the next 15 years. However, rather than fearing this shift, we believe in embracing AI as a tool for success. As the saying goes, "AI won't steal your job, but someone skilled in using AI will." It is imperative to leverage AI to our advantage and adapt to new roles and possibilities, both within our business and beyond.


The Tailored Benefits for our Business:

Within our organization, we are actively leveraging AI for time-intensive tasks, harnessing its capabilities to our advantage. A specific area where AI provides significant benefits is research. Instead of investing countless hours scouring the entire internet for relevant sources, we utilize tools such as Google BARD. This remarkable AI-powered resource allows us to swiftly gather the most pertinent articles and sources on a given topic, effortlessly organizing information and providing valuable links within a matter of seconds. Moreover, AI serves as an indispensable aid in crafting blogs, generating initial drafts, and very easily organizing thoughts, saving us precious time and enhancing productivity. 


Embracing the AI Revolution:

The Open Letter to AI video project stands as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of AI and its potential in the realm of creative endeavors. Through our collaborative efforts with AI, we have discovered novel approaches to video production, leveraging its capabilities while acknowledging the importance of maintaining a balance with human creativity. As we journey forward, we embrace AI as an invaluable tool, enabling us to achieve new heights of efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

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