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What is a Social Media Package? Benefits of Social Media Videos

Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube every minute. This video content ranges from clips of your friend’s kids to professional business advertisements. Many of these companies are trusting video production teams to assist them through the use of social media packages.

What is a Social Media Package?

A reputable video production company will generally get you started with a video for your homepage and any relevant landing pages you may have already created. Depending on your needs, they may also get you set up with one or two ads that you can actively promote across the internet. Beyond that point, it will be time for your business to get started with social media video content.

What is a Social Media Package for business?

A social media package includes videos that are customized to your business and brand which can then be shared across various platforms. Your video team will typically take additional time to gain a better understanding of your brand before shooting the videos so they can determine the most efficient types of content to share. This can include anything from customer testimonials and scripted advertisements to product demos and behind the scenes videos.

The best way to use social media packages is with a long-term approach that focuses on creating a higher volume of content that can be shared over the course of 6 to 12 months. These will often cover about four or five different series that each focus on their own theme. Each group of social media videos will still maintain your brand but simply cater to one specific topic with each round.

Benefits of Social Media Packages

The results that can be achieved with social media video content packages are limitless. From boosting loyalty with your current following to getting one of your videos to go viral, these pieces of social content have the chance to massively increase your company’s success.

Establish Trust

Using video packages on social media is the most effective way to promote your brand and prove you’re an authority in your field. While one video can set you up as being reliable, an entire set of social media videos will mark you as a trustworthy company that is dedicated to showing you’re there to stay.

As your followers and new leads see you posting video content, you’ll continue to appear more dependable while also giving them an easier way to learn about your business or product.

Have Ready-Made Content When Needed

The main point of social media packages is to have a content calendar filled with ideas and pre-made videos you can share at any time. This allows you to share videos in a handful of different ways. Whether you need to answer a question about a product or you simply need a last-minute piece of content to post on your newsfeed.

A good video marketing team can even help you plan and create vlogs that can easily be shared with blogs, giving you one more form of ready-made content to promote.

Share Across Multiple Platforms

With major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn growing more fond of video content every day, your business needs to be taking advantage of this. The great thing about social video content is that you can use the same clips and ads on more than one platform.

Table of ways to share content on social media

At the same time, the place where you share your videos will greatly depend on the audience you’re trying to reach. Posting videos on LinkedIn will be more likely to reach a professional following, while Instagram will be more in tune with your younger audiences.

Chance to Go Viral

When you properly use social media video packages and pair them with paid ads on social media, you can increase your odds of reaching a larger number of people. And if you post content that is attention-grabbing and shareable, you could even go viral. That means your videos spread more quickly than they would if you were to simply post them on your website.

To be clear, there is no surefire way to ensure any form of social media content goes viral. But there are some steps you can take to give your videos a much better chance of reaching viral status.

Great Content for Paid Ads

Promoting video content on social media will have a massive impact on your conversion rates. But they become even more powerful when you put additional funds behind them with paid social media ads. These opportunities give you the chance to boost your content and gear them toward specific audiences narrowed down by demographics.

You can enhance your videos by directing them to people with interests in your brand and have already proven their curiosity about your industry.

Lower Price Per Video

One of the best perks of this great video marketing tactic is that you will end up paying less money for more videos. A single brand video covering one to three minutes on one central topic can cost thousands of dollars. But with social media video packages, you get a much larger quantity of micro content that will last longer.

How to have more videos to share on social media

This makes it much easier for your business to scale the amount of content you are sharing while limiting the extra money coming out of your pocket.

Be Consistent

The whole point of content marketing is to communicate your company brand to potential customers as regularly as possible. Social media video content packages do exactly that as they allow you to build your brand by sharing consistently.

Every major player in the world of social media and SEO (like Google) loves video content. The more you share of it on a frequent basis, the better your content will rank across these sites.

Ready to Add a Social Media Package to Your Marketing Plan?

Video isn’t going anywhere and more business owners than ever are beginning to realize that. Integrating social media packages in marketing techniques is becoming the golden standard for companies that want to be successful online.

Learn more about these plans and how social media videos can improve your marketing by getting in touch with Top Notch Cinema today at 347-955-3435!

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