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Use Video Production & Marketing, or Be Left in the Dust

Businesses today need to use video production and marketing, or else they’re going to fall behind their competition. There’s a reason why the biggest and best brands use video advertising. It’s an investment that drives people to buy and activates previous customers to buy again.

Here are four reasons why you need video for your business.

Video is the Future

Fifteen years ago, not every business had a website. But was it still a good idea to have a website back then? Of course! These companies were ahead of the trend, acquainting themselves with a medium that would soon take over not only the business world, but the world at-large.

Today, video is exactly what websites were fifteen years ago. Video is the way to communicate with your key demographic and spread awareness of your brand. This ultimately leads to more conversions, sales and returning customers

But at the moment, not every company is taking advantage of video. This is a mistake.

Just because your business might be doing “O.K.” or even successful without video doesn’t mean that video isn’t worthwhile. Video could catapult you and your business to levels of success that you’ve never thought possible.

And, just like websites, the fact that not every business is using video at the moment doesn’t mean it’s not on the rise. Businesses are slowly but surely becoming aware that they need video to stay ahead. It’s time to start using and mastering the medium of the future.

Video Builds Connection

People want to understand and get to know the brand they’re doing business with. Without connecting to your potential or current customers, it could lead them to see your company as a big, murky corporation—a “faceless beast.”

Video solves this problem.

Video is an efficient and effective way to connect with potential and current customers.

Seeing and hearing the actual people who are behind your company creates a bond between you and your viewer/potential or current customer. Feeling personally connected to you and your business makes the viewer more inclined to buy from and recommend your business to others.

Video to Re-Activate Customers

Let’s say you’ve successfully converted a number of prospects into customers. Now, how are you going to get them to buy from you again? You guessed it, by using video.

Video is a great way to regularly communicate with existing customers, especially those who have become inactive. Video is extremely informational and easy to watch. It’s ideal for reactivating customers by highlighting offers like holiday specials, describing services, launching new products, and more.

Different Videos for Different Needs

Video is a malleable medium. It adapts to your needs. Whatever you want to show to your customers about your business, video can show.

When you feature an owner or manager speaking in a video, it builds a lot of trust and rapport between the viewer/customer and your business. It’s beneficial for smaller brands to highlight the people behind the business: the “who’s who” of your company. For bigger brands, it’s great to use video for brand awareness purposes. Hiring actors and actresses will help your video achieve a higher-end look. The shoots will be more complex with scripts and more in-depth storylines.

Video isn’t a cost; it’s an investment. Video is taking over the world because it’s enticing and drives people to buy your product or service. It also activates people to buy from your company again. Whatever your company needs, video is here to help you fulfill it.

Amanda Zambito
Senior Writer/Editor

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